To participate in the summer school must do so in writing by completing the registration form on the right side and click the send button. We will then examine whether it is possible to fulfill your desire, then you will receive a confirmation from us on your mail.


The deadline to sign up for summer school is June 30, 2021

Payment has to be made immediately

after receiving you confirmation.

Please note that the summer school has a new bank account no:

Nykredit Bank 5490-0947146



If you need assistance with travelling to and from the Summerschool upon arriving in Denmark, please contack Erik on the phone nr. +45 20896987 and he will help you to find your way to the school.

Accommodation in 3 bed room
Accommodation in 2 bed room
Accommodation in a single bed room
We/I are brining our/my own cot / children 0-2 years
The whole period 27.7.-01.08. 2021
Day guest
I am a student
I am not a student, but I live in Denmark and need help to apply for financial support in order to be able to participate in the summer school
I only want to attend the virtual summer school
I would like to offer to lead a workshop / group work at the virtual school
I can offer to help perform various Zoom functions.
I agree to pay a school fee of 400, - pr. participating person.