Bahá´í Sommerskole 2020


Bahá'í Summer School 2020 Denmark

Bahá’í Summer school in Denmark 2020

Tuesday the 28th of July – Sunday the 2nd of August 2020

Kerteminde Efterskole

Degnehøjvej 20,

5300 Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark

Practical Information

There are both 2- and 3-bed rooms at the school. The school has in total room for 130 people and so it is also possible to book a single room.

There are no duvets, pillows, sheets or towels on site, so remember to BRING YOUR OWN.

If you are traveling from abroad or on public transport and have limited space in your luggage for bedding and towels, please contact the committee.

For Danish transport options see


We are dearly looking forward to seeing many people participating in this year’s summer school which will be held between the 28th of July and the 2nd of August.


We in the committee are sure that the modern facilities and peaceful surroundings of the school will create a wonderful setting for a spiritual and uplifting experience together.  


The Programme

The schools key-note speaker will be Dr. Steven Phelps, who besides being a physicist, has worked for 14 years in the World

Center of the faith in Haifa and is a skilled researcher of the faith.

Steven speaks in English and translation will be arranged for both Danish and Persian speakers.

Lise Quistgaard Raben, will talk about the history of the Bahá'í faith in Denmark.

We will update the website (see below) with more information

when we have the final program.

There will also be a junior youth and a children’s program.

Sports and Fun!

Use of the gym, green areas and fitness room are included in the price.

The beach is 3 km away (5 minutes by car).

An excursion can also be planned to the Johannes Larsen Museum and the beach in Kerteminde.

Why should I participate in summer school?

Here we have compiled excerpts from the Bahá'í scriptures, about the importance of participating in summer- and winter schools

"The basic purpose of all Bahá'í (summer) schools, whether in the East or West, is to give the believers the opportunity to fully acquaint themselves not only through study, but through fully and actively cooperate in various Bahá' í activities with the administration's foundation and in this way make itself able to be effective and appropriate proponents of the course ... .. "

Summer Schools

If they attends their summer school—and everyone without exception is urged to take advantage of attending it—let them consider such an occasion as a welcome and precious opportunity so to enrich, through lectures, study, and discussion, their knowledge of the fundamentals of their Faith as to be able to transmit, with greater confidence and effectiveness, the Message that has been entrusted to their care.

Summer and Winter Schools

The Guardian once described the institution of the Summer School in a letter written on his behalf, as “a vital and inseparable part of any teaching campaign.” In April 1972 the House of Justice issued a compilation on the importance of Bahá’í Summer Schools, and it commends this to every National Spiritual Assembly for study. In only a few countries has it been possible or timely to acquire properties to house Summer and Winter Schools; in most they are still held in rented premises, and the House of Justice stresses the importance of holding them at as low a cost as possible in a place that is easily accessible to the friends, so that large numbers of believers and inquirers can attend. It is hoped that this activity will become at least an annual feature of the Bahá’í community life in every land.

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