About the local area

Kerteminde Efterskole

Kerteminde Efterskole has a lot to offer you:

We are located in the middle of Denmark, close to Odense with good train and bus connections to the rest of the country.
We are scenic with a great view of Odense fjord and close to Kerteminde town.
The school has a broad profile where there is room for everyone in a strong and committed community.
Through our professional profiles, 14 lines and electives, you can put together your own unique after-school year.

Holiday in Kerteminde

Experience true Danish “hygge” in Kerteminde the Garden by the Sea. Explore the beautiful nature or travel back in time and learn about the Vikings who called Kerteminde their home. Go fishing at the coast, or explore the many, local, gastronomic delicacies. Or do it all at once – Kerteminde invites you to spend your next holiday  at the Garden by the Sea

Welcome to Fyn and the Archipelago

Welcome to Fyn and the Archipelago! You’ve arrived at the official website for one of the biggest islands in little Denmark – which actually features 444 of them. Fully 93 other islands surround Fyn itself, which is where the famous poet and author Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805. So ... ready for some fairytale island hopping? – here come 20 good reasons to find your way to Fyn