Registration 2020

Bahá´í Sommerskole 2020


Bahá'í Summer School 2020 Denmark


To be able to attend the summer school, you must do so in writing by filling out the enrollment form on the right and pressing the submit button. You will then receive a confirmation from us as soon as possible by mail.

The deadline to register for summer school is July 20 th, 2020.

However, we are very happy to receive your registrations as soon as possible, as this will greatly assist our planning.

Ps. Participation in summer school is free of charge.

The sessions with Steven Phelps
The sessions with Edith Montgomery og Daniel Grolin
Workshops on Huquq´u ´llah with Caroline Burger
Workshop on The development of The Faith in Greenland with Grace Nielsen
Workshops on religion and science with Lili Farajzadeh and Jamal Momeni
Workshops in persisk with Fereydun Vahman on the historie of the Faith

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Telefon +45 22 11 21 65

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