Bahá´í Sommerskole 2020


Bahá'í Summer School 2020 Denmark

Welcome to the Danish Bahá’í Summerschool 2020

28th of July to the 2nd of August

This years theme is.

“Developing consciousness of our role in bettering the world”

"The world is undoubtedly facing a great crisis and the social, economic and political conditions are becoming daily more complex. Should the friends desire to take the lead in reforming the world, they should start by educating themselves and understand what the troubles and problems really are which baffle the mind of man. It is in these Summer Schools that this training should be provided for the friends".

(From a letter dated 27 Januar 1932 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi )

Due to COVID-19 it has been decided to hold the school on Zoom.  It will be a different kind of summer school with several advantages: Everyone can participate from their own homes without danger of infection, we can sleep in our own beds, not have to travel anywhere and participation in the school is free!

We hope that it will mean that more bahá’ís can be there and that it will be easier to invite our friends to participate in the programme. There are long breaks in between sessions so that we are not sitting at a screen the whole day.  You are encouraged, where possible, to meet in smaller groups to follow the programme on Zoom.  This will create opportunities for more social time together as well as consultation with the friends.

Email us: mail@bahaisommerskole.dk

Telefon +45 22 11 21 65

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