About the Summer School 2018


Bahá´í Sommerskole 2018 Danmark

Bahá'í Summer School 2018 Denmark


The theme of the Summer School this year will be "Bahá'i identity"

and to see the institute process as a "framework for action".




Samim Loftus has accepted our invitation to be our guest speaker at the summer school this year. Samim has extensive experience with the institute process and is known as a knowledgeable and competent intermediator.

Here is a small presentation that our auxiliary board member, Nilo Følsgård has been so kind to write.

About Samim I can say:

Samim was raised in Tanzania as a child of a pioneer couple together with his sister. He moved to Ireland (his father is from Ireland) when he started university; but before that he served a year in Haifa. When he got home, however, he did not feel that a year had been enough, and then he returned and served another year. In Ireland he studied neuroscience and got a bachelor.

While working as an auxilary board member in Ireland, he also spent one year in support of faith's progress in Ireland.

But then he was asked to go to Haifa again to serve at the office of ISGP -

Institute for Studies in Global Prosperities. In addition to working with the curriculum, he has had a lot of work in training facilitators and traveling around the globe to get ISGP up and running around the world.

Samim served in Haifa for 2 years initially and then for 3 years in the final round of ISGP, so together, Samim has served 5 years at the World Center and he has now returned to Ireland 1½ years ago, where he now serves on the National Spiritual Assembly .

So Sam, as he is called, knows in all ways about URH's plans, the institute process and an experienced and skilled intermediator.




There will be workshops in the afternoon program, the topics are not yet fully fixed, but as soon as the information is ready, the page will be updated.




An exciting program for children of all ages will be prepared.




The school will be able to offer different types of entertainment, music and dance and much moree.

Teaching activities



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