About the Summer School 2018


Bahá´í Sommerskole 2018 Danmark

Bahá'í Summer School 2018 Denmark

About the Summer School 2018


The National Spiritual Council has decided that next year's summer school should be a place where much cheaper stays are possible than before. This means that the accommodation standard will also be lower, but the place is chosen from the possibility that you can rent a holiday home or find a B & B in the nearest neighborhood.


 We therefore hope that it will be possible to attract both those who need comfort and a certain service, but also those who place more emphasis on an affordable price for participation.


 The Coast and Fjord Center, Voer Færgevej 123, 8950 Ørsted - TLF: 86489685 (it is at Randers Fjord, for those who are not locally known in Ørsted - which are most!) Combines these considerations and we will encourage that You are already beginning to plan to attend school earlier this year, namely:

 From 30 June to 5 July.


The theme is not yet in place, but invitations have been sent to potential speakers with questions about what they can talk about.

 It is determined that the program will be different from previous years: There will be no more than 1½ hours of lectures a day, but there will be more group work / participation activities to get deeper into the topics, and in the afternoon there will be more practical activities where we will make use of the nature around the place and their many possibilities for activities in nature.




There are invited guest speakers from abroad, but we have not yet received a confirmation from them, and we will also pay great attention to using our own talents.



There will be workshops in the afternoon program, the topics are not yet fully fixed, but as soon as the information is ready, the page will be updated.




An exciting program for children of all ages will be prepared.




The school will be able to offer different types of entertainment, music and dance and much moree.

Teaching activities



Email us: mail@bahaisommerskole.dk

Telefon: + 4520896987

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